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Name: .net
Image :
Quota : 1M
Price : $13.92
Server_type : Business
Server_sort : Web Server
Remark :

.NET is Short for .network, this domain extension was originally designed to be used by technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone.

Describe :

.NET is a place for big ideas and a small down payment on your dreams. Thousands of businesses have thrived with a .NET behind them, and more start here every day. Whatever you’re cooking up in that big, bad brain of yours, .NET can help you release into the wild. With .NET, you have access to one of the most recognized domain extensions on the Internet. When you register your .NET no goal, big or small, is beyond your reach. Why use .NET? .NET is an online identity for your awesome idea Peace of mind that comes with creating something you love on your own terms Be part of an exclusive community of successful dreamer