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Multi domain certificates (MDC) are your solutions for securing anywhere from two to 100 domains on the same server under one SSL certificate. Consolidate your SSL management process and manage the SSL encryption for all of your domains under just one SSL certificate for multi-domains. You can start by implementing a Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate.
TRUSTe-Seal & Privacy Policy
Starting at $100/year
All of the benefits of the TRUSTe Privacy Policy with the addition of the recognizable TRUSTe Seal for increased customer confidence.
TRUSTe-Privacy Policy
Starting at $25/year
Save time and money with a quick and simple solution that puts your site in compliance with the law and eCommerce best practices.
GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan with Seal
Starting at $99/year

Anti-Malware Scan with Seal Assure visitors your site is malware free with the GeoTrust anti-malware seal. Automatically scan up to 50 web pages daily with alerts if malware is found

GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan
Starting at $50/year

Anti-Malware Scan Stay off search engine blacklists by keeping your site malware free. Automatically scan up to 5 web pages daily with immediate alerts if malware is found.

Symantec Safe Site
Starting at $299/year
Symantec Safe Site helps businesses establish credibility online. When a web site displays Symantec Safe Site, it shows that Symantec has verified the identity of the web site and its owners. The seal also means that the web site has passed Symantec's daily malware scan so visitors can use the site with confidence.
ID Protect
Starting at $8/year

International rules require that valid contact information—known as Whois—is available for every domain name. ID Protect cloaks your identity and provides proxy contact information in the Whois

Comodo EV SGC
Starting at $350/year

Get the best security, the green bar, and complete browser compatibility. Guard sensitive customer information, financial transactions and transmit confidential data with identity assured Extended Validation (EV) SGC SSL Certificates.

Comodo EV
Starting at $350/year

Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the highest available levels of authentication across any SSL certificate type. The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that your site is secure – immediately giving them the confidence to complete their transaction.